fish tank electricity cost calculator

How much does it cost to run a fish tank ?

Want to know how much it costs to run a fish tank in the UK in 2024? Use the fish tank electricity calculator below to find out.


(Estimated Running Cost)

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How much electricity does a fish tank use?

An average small-to-mid sized fish tank on Amazon consumes around 65 Watts per hour. This figure was used in this fish tank electricity calculator by default, you can change this number to your own.

Fish tank electricity cost per day, month, and year

The cost of running a fish tank per day can vary widely based on factors such as the size of the tank, the type of equipment used, and your electricity cost.

However, to keep things simple, let’s assume you’re paying 29p kWh, and have an average small-to-medium-sized tank with basic filtration and lighting systems.

On average, such a setup might consume around 65 watts per hour.

Using that configuration it would cost around 45p per day, £13.57 per month, and £165.13 per year in electricity to run this fish tank.

But if you have a larger tank with more advanced equipment and lighting, the cost could be significantly higher.

And don’t forget to factor in the cost of food, water treatments, and occasional maintenance supplies like filter media and replacement parts.