aquarium electricity cost calculator

How much does it cost to run an Aquarium?

Want to know how much it costs to run an aquarium? Enter your details into the aquarium electricity cost calculator below to find out.


(Estimated Running Cost)

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How much electricity does an aquarium use?

An average aquarium use between 50 – 150 watts per hour, depending on the size and model. Check your aquarium’s manual and enter the wattage into the calculator above to get the most accurate running cost.

How to use this aquarium electricity cost calculator

Power Consumption (Watts)  – Enter the power rating for your aquarium, in watts. This can be found on the aquarium itself, or in the manual. If your model is showing Kilowatts instead, divide the Kilowatts by 1000 to get the watts figure.

kWh Cost (Pence) – Enter the price you’re paying per Kilowatt per hour. You can find this figure on your electric bill. The current price is capped at 29p per kWh, if you can’t find your cost, just use 29p.

Usage Time (Hours)  – Enter the number of hours the aquarium will be used. If you plan to keep it on all day, enter 24.

Number of Days (Optional)  – This is set to 1 day by default. If you want to know the cost of running an aquarium for a month, just enter 30. If you want to know the cost per year it will be 365.