cost to run double induction hob

How much does it cost to run a Double Induction Hob?

A double induction hob is a great alternative if you have limited countertop space but still want to enjoy the energy efficiency of an induction hob. But how energy efficient are they, and how much does it cost to run a double induction hob?

If a double induction hob has one 1800-watt cooking zone and one 1400-watt cooking zone, it would cost £0.23 to run both burners at the same time for 15 minutes, £0.46 for 30 minutes, and £0.93 for 60 minutes using a £0.29 kWh cost.

You can use our double induction hob running cost calculator below to get an approximate figure of how much it would cost to run your 2-zone induction hob.

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