cost to run portable air conditioner

How much does it cost to run a portable AC?

Want to know how much it costs to run a portable AC in the UK? Enter the details of the portable air conditioner you have (or are looking to buy) into the air conditioner electricity calculator below to find out.

You’ll need to enter the AC’s wattage, usage time and the price you’re paying for electricity. The calculator will then estimate the running cost based on those figures.


(Estimated Running Cost)

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How much electricity does a portable AC use?

An average 9000BTU portable air conditioner like this one consumes 1000 watts per hour. That’s 1 kWh, far less than a traditional wall-mounted air conditioner.

Are portable air conditioners expensive to run?

Portable air conditioners are generally not that expensive to run. Using the model mentioned above, it would cost 24.5p per hour and 98p for 4 hours at the current 24.5p kWh cost.

Factors affecting electricity usage of portable ACs

cost to run portable air conditioner

Several factors can affect how much electricity a portable AC uses and subsequently, its running cost. These include:

  • Size and capacity: Larger portable AC units with higher BTU (British Thermal Units) ratings will require more electricity to operate.
  • Temperature setting: The lower the temperature set on your portable AC, the more energy it will consume.
  • Usage time: The longer you run your portable AC, the more electricity it will use.
  • Energy efficiency: Some portable AC units are more energy efficient than others, resulting in lower electricity usage and running costs.

Tips for reducing electricity usage of portable ACs

AC energy efficiency

If you’re concerned about the electricity usage and cost of running a portable AC, here are some tips to help reduce it:

  • Choose a unit with the appropriate size and capacity for your room. Oversized units will use more electricity without providing any additional cooling benefits.
  • Set your temperature at a moderate level instead of excessively low temperatures.
  • Use a timer or smart thermostat to control when your portable AC is running, reducing unnecessary usage.
  • Keep your doors and windows closed while the AC is in use, this will prevent cool air from escaping.
  • Regularly clean or replace filters to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.
  • Consider investing in a more energy-efficient model if you plan on using your portable AC frequently.