cost to run portable induction hob

How much does it cost to run a Portable Induction Hob?

A portable induction hob makes a great addition to any kitchen. It’s small, it’s lightweight and it packs all the features of a standard induction hob into a portable unit. But what about power consumption? How much does it cost to run a portable induction hob?

A typical 1700 watt portable induction hob will use 1.7 kWh and cost £0.08 for 10 minutes of usage, £0.16 for 20 minutes of usage, £0.25 for 30 minutes of usage, and £0.49 for one hour of usage at a £0.29 kWh rate.

The running cost calculation above is for a single-burner portable induction hob. If you have a double burner model, it will cost twice as much if you use both burners at the same time and they’re both rated at the same wattage.

Want a more accurate running cost for your portable induction hob? Try our portable induction hob running cost calculator below!


(Estimated Running Cost)

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